Aerogel – the best thermal insulator in the world

Aerogels are advanced, the world’s lightest nanomaterials with super thermal insulation properties, they consist of up to 99% of air.


Aerogels come in many forms, powder, „crystals”, rigid „foam”, mats or other forms depending on the type and application. We offer their form tailored to your application.

Their thermal insulation properties exceed the parameters of PUR foam more than 3 times!

Thermally insulated containers

Based on our own production of aerogels, we offer thermal insulating containers for the transport of substances sensitive to temperature changes. They are used in the transport of food, drugs, insulin, medical and others. The containers provide long-term stable temperature during transport and are very light.

Polish manufacturer of aerogels

Aerogel - mats

Materials in the form of mats consisting of aerogel in a fibrous structure.

Aerogel - tiles, forms, monoliths

Monolithic aerogels are available in the form of plates and other shapes tailored to the needs of the application.

Aerogel - flakes

Aerogel in the form of thin flakes of various sizes.

Aerogel - crystals, powder, granules

Aerogel in the form of a fine-grained powder with a grain size of 0-0.3 mm, 0.3-0.5 mm, 0.5-1 mm or other on request.

Hydrophobic or hydrophilic aerogel

We offer aerogels with hydrophobic properties – water-repellent and hydrophilic – water-wettable, in the form of powders, flakes, shapes and others.

Highly transparent Aerogel

Light-transmitting aerogel , for use in light, well-insulated, transparent „glazing”, skylights, roofs and other light-transmitting applications.

Our offer

Phoenix Resources is the only manufacturer of aerogels in Poland based on its own technology. We offer aerogel products for the most demanding applications!

Innovative Low Emission Aerogel

Our aerogels have a reduced carbon footprint compared to other manufacturers’ aerogels. We produce them using energy from RES, and technological cycles have been closed and circular. In this way, our products not only provide the highest thermal insulation, but also their production process is environmentally friendly and low-emission.

Zielona energia

Advanced production process

We produce aerogels in our proprietary advanced production process, based on the highest quality products. In addition, our aerogels have a low carbon footprint due to the use of energy from our own solar power plant and closed material cycles in their production.

We have a unique apparatus for their production:

– chemical synthesis and conditioning line

– drying in supercritical CO2 conditions

– recovery of substrates and their purification.


Nanotechnological thermal insulation, lambda coefficient even below 0.03 W/m/K and density below 20 kg/m3

Low-emission Phoenix Aerogel produced in an environmentally friendly, low-emission production process, reducing CO2 emissions and environmental impact.

Sorption properties and developed surface of aerogels are interesting properties for new applications in sorbents, chemical processes and other


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