A modern superinsulator nanomaterial

Aerogels are modern and innovative nanomaterials, characterized by the lowest mass / density and the lowest heat transfer coefficient, which makes them ideal heat insulators. In addition, Aerogels can have additional properties, such as high transparency, which makes them perfect materials for skylights and glazing, ensuring the best thermal insulation, lightness of the structure and high light transmission.

Their exceptional lightness allows you to reduce the weight of insulation, which is very important in applications such as: car bodies, cold stores or transport containers, in addition, the insulation layer can be 3 times thinner for the same insulation parameters!

In addition, Aerogels can have hydrophobic properties, which ensures their non-absorption for water and its complete “repulsion”,

Aerogels can be modified and tailored to the needs of their applications.

Thermal conductivity

-> 0,03 W/m/K


white, transparent


20 kg/m3



Aerogel applications

Our Aerogels are widely used, among others in:

  • glazing, skylights – transparent aerogel with high transparency, in the form of powder, fine-grained, flakes or other,
  • insulation of containers – white aerogel, in the form of powder, fine-grained, flakes or other,

  • vehicle bodies – white aerogel, in the form of powder, fine-grained, flakes or other,
  • wall insulation – white, transparent, fine-grained powder aerogel,
  • paint additive and filler – white, transparent aerogelin the form of powder, fine-grained, flakes or other,
  • additive to foams, polystyrene and other materials as a substance improving thermal insulation, physical and chemical properties,
  • thin-layer thermal insulation of devices – fine-grained aerogel or fittings,
  • light thin insulation of specialist equipment for space applications and extreme conditions,
  • effective insulation of medical devices, food sector, packaging,
  • filling workwear and special clothes,
  • absorbent of oils and chemical substances, column filling, removal of pollutants from the environment – hydrophobic or hydrophilic aerogel.

Phoniex aerogels stand out

Aerogel manufacturer

We are a European manufacturer of aerogels, we offer our own products.

Reduced carbon footprint

We produce our aerogels with respect for the natural environment, using renewable energy and in circular waste-free processes.

Production flexibility

We have our own research potential to match aerogels to your needs and applications.

Other uses and properties of Aerogels

  • Selective absorption of oils and chemicals  –
    cleaning the environment from pollution.
  • Developed area –
  • Very light filler
  • Other selective properties of the nanomaterial

We invite you to cooperate

We offer aerogel products for insulation applications and the service of developing and adapting our products to your special applications.

We also offer samples of our products.

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