Thermal insulation containers

Nano insulation in transport

Aerogels with super-insulator properties are used in the transport of thermosensitive substances, including medical transport (vaccines, organs, blood, etc.), food, and other substances and materials susceptible to temperature changes.

Our Aerogels have been used in thermal insulation containers of our production, dedicated to the transport of thermosensitive substances. We offer two basic types of transport containers with a capacity of 10 dm3 and 50 dm3, and other sizes and capacities on request.

Insulation efficiency

-> 0,03 W/m/K


4 dm3, 10 dm3 and other


1 kg i 3 kg

Temperature holding time

up to  24h

Thermal insulated containers

Effective insulation

Exceptional thermal insulation properties due to the use of thermal insulation made of Phoenix aerogels.

Reduced carbon footprint

We produce our aerogels with respect for the natural environment, using renewable energy and in circular waste-free processes.

Long temperature retention time

The containers ensure that the temperature inside is maintained for up to 24 hours.

Safe transport of thermosensitive substances

Our containers guarantee thermal safety of the transported substances both for transport at cryogenic temperatures and elevated food temperatures.

Transport of thermosensitive substances:

  • drugs, insulin, vaccines, blood, organs and more,
  • food,
  • cosmetics, chemicals, and more.

We invite manufacturers of containers to cooperate with us and use our Aerogels Phoenix

We offer our aerogels for use in the production of thermal insulation packaging and containers, therefore we invite manufacturers of thermal insulation packaging in which our aerogels are used to improve the thermal insulation properties of these packaging.

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