Production technology

Aerogels are manufactured through an advanced manufacturing process that includes preparation, chemical synthesis, conditioning, modification, molding and drying processes using carbon dioxide extraction under supercritical conditions. Then, the produced nanomaterials are subject to quality control, classification and packaging.

Our technological equipment includes a full range of equipment for the production of aerogels, including an innovative and unique line for drying / extraction of aerogels using ScCO2 supercritical carbon dioxide extraction.

Chemical synthesis

Dosing and mixing of substrates in the reactor

Creating Gel


ScCO2 drying

in supercritical conditions with CO2 (ScCO2)

Final product

Quality control, packaging

Advanced process of nanomaterials synthesis

The production of nanomaterials is a complex and demanding process. Starting from the high-quality substrates used for the reaction and their strict dosing and the reaction and synthesis times in the reactor, through the subsequent production stages in which the gel structure of the product is formed and its formation.
Finally, the gel is dried in the process of extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide ScCO2 and a super light and very well insulating and porous structure is created – “aerogel”.
The name Aerogel, in this case, is quite inaccurate, because Aerogels are not gels, but more like crystals or a stiff sponge, although they are usually called Aerogel.
The main challenge in aerogel production is the process of drying it under extreme pressures and high temperatures using supercritical carbon dioxide. Our equipment ensures safe implementation of this process in repeatable conditions, which translates into high quality and repeatability of the properties of our products.
We have an aerogel production line and a small one for laboratory production and further development of our products.

Production flexibility

As a Polish manufacturer of aerogels, we have flexible production capabilities enabling the supply of large quantities of airgel as well as smaller personalized orders and test batches.

  • Monolithic aerogels,
  • Transparent aerogels,
  • Aerogels in the form of powder,
  • and others with Special properties aerogels.

We offer research services

We invite you to take advantage of our offer of research services in the field of developing aerogels for your applications.

We have devices for research and production of aerogels also on a laboratory and pilot scale.

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